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About Us

Quoins Jewellery from Holland were one of the very first jewellery brands to launch this exciting new interchangeable 'Coins' jewellery concept - approximately 4 years ago. Quoins were first brought to the UK & Ireland in 2013.

To differentiate ourselves from the other 'coins' jewellery brands, Quoins developed their own range from predominately stainless steel, that not only makes for very durable jewellery but also provides for a superb material to give an excellent high quality finish. With success in Holland, Germany and elsewhere Quoins soon proved to be a main innovator in this concept, using many different products and finishes to develop a multitude of new designs. This attention to detail soon established Quoins as a leader for many others to follow.

Quoins now have the largest most diverse coins jewellery collection on the market and with many colour and varying design options. First started with only necklaces, Quoins now also make bracelets and bangles. It's so easy with our Quoins interchangeable pendants to change your look and your sense of style.

About us

Another important quality benchmark for Quoins is that we are the only brand to only use Swarovski Elements(TM) crystals in our coins jewellery.

Our coins designs are made from polished natural semi-precious stone, Murano glass, enamels & mother of pearl all mounted onto 316 stainless steel polished and PVD plated disks.

Quoins disks, also known as coins or cabochons, are available in 3 colours: silver we call High Gloss, gold finish that is Gold PVD Plated and rose gold finish that is Rose Gold PVD Plated. These coins are available in 3 sizes: small - 25mm diameter, medium - 29mm diameter & large - 33mm diameter.

As coins jewellery first started in Holland the sizing is based on the old Dutch Gold Guilder sizing (similar to our Gold sovereign sizing), therefore many coins are similarly sized and interchangeable between brands.

About us

Quoins Pendants are available in our 3 standard colours and 3 sizes, but with Quoins we also give the option of a Plain finish or Swarovski Crystal encrusted finish, that come in either our new 'Q' Fold Pendant design or our unique Click Pendant design.

Our Q Fold Pendant has our special Q easy opening top clasp that locks in place by squeezing together and is secured by the necklace chain being passed through the eyelets. Our Click pendant is closed with a magnetic closing top clasp and has the advantage that coins can easily be interchanged without having to remove the chain from the pendant.

Quoins Necklace Chain is available in the 3 colour options and in 3 different designs - Standard link, Triple link and Ball link chain. The Standard and Triple chain is supplied in 5 lengths - 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 90cm lengths; whereas the Ball link chain is supplied in 4 length options - 50cm, 60cm, 70cm & 80cm.

New to the Quoins collection is our unique Interchangeable Bangle, our Earrings and Mesh Stretch Bracelets.

About us