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How Quoins jewellery Works

Q Fold Pendants

Launched in Spring 2014 our new 'Q' Fold Pendant set Quoins apart from all other brands. With an easy finger twist of the top Q the pendant opens to allow the coin to be secured. All Q Fold Pendants come complete with a thin rubber gasket which when closed fits perfectly enclosing the coin or disk to stop any movement. The coin is then completed secured when the chain is passed through the 2 eyelets of the top Q which then prevents the pendant from opening.

Our Q Fold Pendant also has our specially designed secret hinge which when closed is almost invisible to complete that quality look and feel.

How Quoins Jewellery Works

Click Pendants

The Click system pendants are unique to Quoins and there are 2 designs of our Click Pendants - the magnetic design and the Q design.

The design preferred in the UK is a magnetic system that has a small magnet built into the top eyelets. The system shown in the adjacent image is the Q Click Pendant that clicks together with a small metal nib that fits into the opposite side. However, the way of opening and closing the pendant with a bottom hinge opposite the eyelets is almost the same.

A real advantage of the Click Pendants are that coins can be interchanged very much easier, as you do not have to remove the chain from the pendant.

We also have a selection of Click Coins that are specially designed to work with these pendants and do not work with the Q fold design.

Click Pendant Steps